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The copyright to all works and graphics, posted on this site, belongs to the respective creator, as credited in the text. Reproduction, in any form, is prohibited without the permission of the the copyright owner.
Toate imaginile aflate pe acest site sunt proprietatea autorului si nu pot fi folosite integral sau partial fara permisiunea acestuia, in concordanta cu legea nr 8/1996.

Pentru vizitarea acestui blog foto va recomand Firefox !

Please take what you find here and use it for whatever you want. I made this page in my lazy days; so it’s just a kinda way to spoil my boredom. In this website, you can read, browse, download, give comment, or just looking around. And if you do use the things inside for ur personal or even general matters, please drop me a line in a post comment. Thanks!

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  1. darkanny said, on July 27, 2008 at 11:47 am

    this is me…i don’t really know what to say about me… I am funny, smart, friendly … and…hope you will get to know me through my photos…

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