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Festival customs and habits Botosani 2008

Posted in Evenements by Movi on December 21, 2008

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Festivalul Datinilor si Obiceiurilor Botosani 2008

Formatii si ansambluri artistice din judet si nu numai au participat sambata dimineata la o parada populara dedicata obiceiurilor si datinilor romanesti. Traseul a inceput de la Casa Tineretului si a continuat pe mai multe strazi din oras inclusiv bulevardul Mihai Eminescu si strada Marchian.Locul de sosire unde a avut loc si manifestarea propriu-zisa a fost la Casa de Cultura a Sindicatelor unde sutele de botosanenii prezenti in ciuda ploii au asistat la jocul formatiilor prezente. Festivalul Datinilor si Obiceiurilor de iarna ajuns la cea de-a 34-a editie continua la ora aceasta in municipiu.

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Bands and ensembles in the county and not only attended Saturday morning at a parade dedicated to the popular Romanian customs and habits. The route started from the House of Youth and continued on several streets in the city including the Mihai Eminescu Boulevard and the street where Marchian.Locul arrival took place and expression itself was at the House of Culture where hundreds of Trade Unions in the botosanenii Despite the rain had attended game present bands. Festival customs and habits of winter arrived at the 34-edition continue year after year.

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Winter Tradition

Posted in Evenements by Movi on January 21, 2008

Obiceiuri de iarna:

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A unique festival hosted by the city of Botosani that celebrates winter customs and traditions. Features traditional costumes and processions of masked carollers and well-wishers hailing from villiages located throughout the Botosani area.

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